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The concept of dilution is introduced here. There are four different types of dilution in mining: planned, unplanned, external and internal dilution. During development of a mining project various factors and difficulties affect the plant design and economics  of an operation. One of the main contributors is dilution – which  is waste material mixed in […]

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Sensor-based ore sorting

Sensor-based ore sorting is a non-disruptive technology in mining that responds to mega–trends such as the reduction in ore grades and increasing effort to reduce the specific resource input per tonne of product produced. It is a generic term for all physical separation processes in which material properties are detected by a sensor system and […]

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Theory of Sampling

The quality of an analytical result is not only about laboratory analysis – it is just as much about what comes before: The Theory and Practice of Sampling of heterogeneous materials and processes (TOS) to the rescue. The common characteristic of all naturally occurring as well as all technological and industrial resource materials (rocks, alloys, […]

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We strive to be scientifically and practically active and always up to date. Some of the recognised publications from our experts can be found here.

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