Consulting for Smelters and Refineries

Operating as a trusted high quality supplier of services and fulfilling contractual obligations reliably must be based on appropriate sampling protocols and on a systems approach for quality control, quality assurance and comprehensive quality management. With decades of experience serving smelters and refineries, optimising metal quality and consistency, SIX-S delivers valuable contributions towards optimising the full value chain.

Quality control and close monitoring of contractual obligations are crucial to prevent disputes that damage reputation and trust while costing time and resources. Obtaining relevant, reliable data is the key element in quality management. One of SIX-S’ main services is the world’s best command of representative sampling of lots, materials and processes based on the theoretical and practical stipulations offered by the Theory of Sampling (TOS). In the end what is the sense of analysing a non-representative sample? There is none, it is a waste of time, effort and money, because decisions made on this basis are more than just wrong – they will assuredly affect the bottom line in a most adverse fashion. 

Specific services for smelters and refineries include:

  • Audits of sampling systems, procedures and equipment according to TOS.
  • Focus on the specifics of high-temperature sampling
  • Test work design and management
  • Equipment design, implementation and maintenance.
  • Setting up complete quality assessment, assurance and control protocols (QA, QC, QM).
  • SIX-S offers comprehensive training services