Walk the Talk

Avoid, reduce, compensate: SIX-S is commited to reduce the environmental footprint.


Sustainability is found at avery aspect of our activites and SIX-S is commited to reduce the environmental footprint.

Reduction of Travel Emissions

The best way to reduce emissions from travelling is not to travel at all. Besides from reducing costs significantly, putting emphasis on virtual meetings is a strong lever to reduce emissions and enables productive collaboration. We avoid business trips. Only when there is a real need for a personal meeting or a site visit do we travel. We choose a means of transport that combines ecological sustainability and short travel times. We apply of modern video conferencing tools and practices for effective use of our time. For short distances, we prefer to use bicycles; for longer distances, we use trains, which run at 100% renewable energy in Germany.

In case flying is necessary, we aim at compensation our emissions through atmosfair.

Sustainable office

We use energy-saving appliances and lighting and switch off unused electricity consumers instead of using a standby function. Our electricity and natural gas for heating by LichtBlick is certified green.

Our office operates almost completely paper-free. We cannot always prevent ourselves from receiving letters. However, incoming documents are immediately digitised and first used as direct recycling paper (e.g. for sketches and drafts) and then recycled via waste paper.

We work according to the principle: avoid waste, reuse unavoidable waste and recycle.

We repair and give old equipment a chance: Our office focuses on furnishings and hardware with a history – for example, we only buy new equipment if there is no sensible second-hand device and prefer to use used products.

Our website and mailserver runs at BIOHOST, a pioneer in green webhosting located in Germany.