Consulting Services

SIX-S offers a wide range of client-focused and specialised advisory services to the mining industry, and investors. Activities focus on geometallurgy, pre-concentration, on-line process sampling and analysis, and sensor-based ore sorting.

SIX-S draws on decades of experience and specialisation in our areas of expertise.  We offer project-specific and customer-oriented solutions for a wide range of ores and minerals in the realm of both processing and manufacturing industry sectors.

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What are interesting investment opportunities in mining? There are a range of critical factors, such as infrastructure, licensing requirements, social and environmental aspects, to name but a few. But the most important value lies with the characteristics of the resource, the deposit and the two value-generation processes: mining and mineral processing. SIX-S is a specialised […]

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Looking for reliable data for informed investment decisions or for strategic and operational plant optimisation,  relying on representative samples and analysis results, on sensor-based process analytical technology or ore sorting? SIX-S is the right partner to develop integrated optimisation projects from resource to product. SIX-S follows a wholistic and interdisciplinary approach including stakeholders in all […]

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Wether for improving investments or daily operational procedures, or optimisation projects along the mining value chain, all decisions need to be based on reliable information. Reliable information derived from relevant data about heterogenious materials and processes, whether mined, processed or sold, has a direct impact on profitability. With a wholistic interdisciplinary approach focusing on obtaining […]

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Project Managers

As more and more successful sensor-based ore sorting projects are implemented, the interest in these possibilities is increasing. SIX-S is the right partner to manage projects for the evaluation, implementation and optimisation of sensor-based ore sorting. With increasing awareness about the technology of sensor-based ore sorting, more projects are created and managed to evaluate the […]

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SIX-S provides guidance to authorities and regulators on legislation and permissions. Taking into account the specific characteristics of mineral processing and sensor-based ore sorting technology allows us to offer guidance on appropriate sampling requirements for sustainable mine waste and tailings characterisation, monitoring and end-stage storage. Pre-concentration technologies with sensor-based ore sorting in particular allows insight […]

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Smelters and Refineries

Operating as a trusted high quality supplier of services and fulfilling contractual obligations reliably must be based on appropriate sampling protocols and on a systems approach for quality control, quality assurance and comprehensive quality management. With decades of experience serving smelters and refineries, optimising metal quality and consistency, SIX-S delivers valuable contributions towards optimising the […]

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Analytical Laboratories

SIX-S does not make a systems’ definition boundary at the entry door to the analytical laboratory. While specific analytical expertise is always incorporated from the best collaborating professional and commercial analytical laboratories, SIX-S’ critical role is to be responsible for the integrity and quality of the analytical test portion, or for the representativeness of sensor […]

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All Consulting services

Sensor-based ore sorting

Looking for support in project development and implementation or optimisation of existing ore sorting installations? Or would you like to assess the business potential of sensor-based ore sorting for your current asset or operation? SIX-S combines its experience in project planning and operation of sensor-based ore sorting systems to offer customised and professional solutions around […]

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Mining extraction and processing of mineral resources traditionally takes place within individual disciplines or organisational units that are separated from each other. These units are partly separated from each other by hard physical or virtual interfaces and are typically incentivised by their own performance metrics. Geometallurgy strives to network the knowledge from the individual disciplines. […]

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Sampling solutions

All decisions in process development, mine planning and process optimisation are based on analytical results. However, analytical results cannot be separated from the specific conditions under which they were obtained. Sampling comes to the fore as a critical success factor before analysis, which should only be carried out on documented representative samples as a basis […]

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Process Analytics

Theory of Sampling (TOS), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and Chemometrics Industry is increasingly recognising the importance of detailed process information provided by appropriate sample extraction and/or sensor signal acquisition along the full value chain, enabling process automation and informed decision making at all organisational levels to get the most out of mining or processing assets. […]

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Plant audits, surveys and optimisation

The goal is to increase the productivity of the entire plant system and to generate the best possible output from the resources invested. The SIX-S team offers a wholistic understanding and the right process sampling and process analytical approaches to obtain the comprehensive, correct information as basis for decision making. From a sustainability perspective, an […]

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Dry mineral processing

Dry processing can make an important contribution to reducing water consumption. One possibility is sensor-based ore sorting, but density separation, magnetic separation, crushing and classification processes are also options that can be considered for the ore in question. Case-by-case consideration is essential here, as dry processes often have cost advantages, but will only result in […]

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Physical Separation

What are the right extraction and benefication processes for a specific ore? Understanding the value proposition of mineral production value chains and the heterogeneity of a particulate bulk material form the basis for selecting the right processes and equipment. Physical separation is historically the oldest separation process, apart from hand-picking. The most popular reference is […]

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Strategy and Management Consulting

For a goal-oriented and sustainable development of technical and entrepreneurial developments, we consider thorough project planning and strategy embedding to be indispensable. It is irrelevant whether a small and short-term project is to be embedded in a medium-term strategy or whether it is the development of a long-term strategy. A holistic, interdisciplinary approach that is […]

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Market studies

All mining activities takes place in both the local and the global context. In the planning phase, for example, this concerns the market situation for the products produced in relation to other producing mines. But it can also concern the available technology, technology in development and implementation and the role, reliability and competemnce of active […]

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Industries served

SIX-S’ experience, processes and methodologies are widely applicable to natural, technological and industrial materials as well as for manufacturing and industrial processing. SIX-S serves a wide variety of industries and different stakeholders with tailored solutions for each’s specific needs.

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