Ideas into action

Strategy and Management Consulting

For a goal-oriented and sustainable development of technical and entrepreneurial developments, we consider thorough project planning and strategy embedding to be indispensable. It is irrelevant whether a small and short-term project is to be embedded in a medium-term strategy or whether it is the development of a long-term strategy. A holistic, interdisciplinary approach that is oriented towards the company’s goals is what distinguishes the development of sustainably effective projects.

As people, entrepreneurs and engineers, we use the instrument of strategy to take risks in a targeted and and conscious manner in order to achieve a potential profit and to actively manage risks.

The original meaning of the Latin “rixicare” means to quarrel or to battle. When the modern spelling of the Arabic original was first adopted into English, the word carried a positive connotation in the sense of working or making a profit. The modern meaning is defined in the Oxford English Dictionary as ‘the likelihood of danger, damage or other negative events that can be avoided by taking preventive actions’. Two aspects are interesting here. One is the original positive meaning of risk, which includes both the stakes and the challenge (struggle), and the idea of prevention. The intention, or intent, is a mental state that represents a commitment to perform one or more actions in the future.

Improvements and innovations always mean change. Change affects technical facilities as well as organisations and operational processes. But what perhaps affects the most important changes however, concerns the attitudes and behaviours of the individuals involved. Involving all stakeholders in actively shaping change is therefore an important part of a successful strategy.

For the targeted development and use of innovative technologies, roadmapping is a suitable instrument for anchoring a future-oriented company or corporate strategy.

SIX-S has in-depth knowledge of innovation and of the overall context of the mining industry, making it the right partner to develop investment projects and achieve the twin business objectives of productivity and sustainability.