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Assess the business potential of sensor-based ore sorting

Sensor-based ore sorting

Looking for support in project development and implementation or optimisation of existing ore sorting installations? Or would you like to assess the business potential of sensor-based ore sorting for your current asset or operation? SIX-S combines its experience in project planning and operation of sensor-based ore sorting systems to offer customised and professional solutions around ore sorting technology.

Sensor-based ore sorting is a disruptive technology in mining, effectively responding to mega-trends such as reduction in ore grades and the increasing drive to reduce the specific resource input per tonne of product produced. Through reduction of cut-off grade, the technology contributes to high resource utilisation.

It is an umbrella term for all physical separation processes in which  material properties are detected by a sensor system and subsequently rejected through an amplified mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic process.

Different sensors and possible positions in the general flow chart allow wide application in all segments of mineral production for a variety of mineral commodities, such as ferrous metals, base metals, precious metals, industrial minerals, coal and diamonds.

The use of sensor technology for sorting enables separation according to completely new criteria and opens up new possibilities for the industry. Sensor-based sorting processes are separation processes that do not require process chemicals, or water, and have significant energy-saving potential when used to separate waste before energy- and water-intensive beneficiation processes.

There are three main sensor-based ore sorting processes:

Services offered around sensor based ore sorting include: