More out of ore

An optimised plant is also a sustainable plant

Plant audits, surveys and optimisation

The goal is to increase the productivity of the entire plant system and to generate the best possible output from the resources invested. The SIX-S team offers a wholistic understanding and the right process sampling and process analytical approaches to obtain the comprehensive, correct information as basis for decision making. From a sustainability perspective, an optimised plant is also a sustainable plant if-and-only if the specific resource invested per tonne of product obtained is reduced.

But how can the productivity of an overall process be increased, and a significant financial added value be achieved? To do this, the right tools and methods must be used to identify the main factors that influence productivity.

Among other factors, it is necessary to:

  • Detect bottlenecks
  • Identify inefficient process steps
  • Analyse the overall availability of ressources, energy, relevant logistics.

A central component of such an analysis is the inventory/actual analysis. Acquisition of data through appropriate sampling procedures and through suitable analyses is necessary. Another critical success factor is proper understanding of the heterogeneity of ores and bulk materials based on the “Theory of Sampling (TOS)” – to make valid data- and knowledge-based decisions.

SIX-S offers comprehensive consultations along the full value chain to eliminate bottlenecks and increase the efficiency of the overall process. Knowledge-based and professional actions lead to a clearer understanding of the relevant factors and short-, medium-, and long-term information for operations, continuous improvement and thus increased productivity.