Consulting for Project Managers

As more and more successful sensor-based ore sorting projects are implemented, the interest in these possibilities is increasing. SIX-S is the right partner to manage projects for the evaluation, implementation and optimisation of sensor-based ore sorting.

With increasing awareness about the technology of sensor-based ore sorting, more projects are created and managed to evaluate the potential, to develop, implement and optimise processing operations. In addition to critical project-specific conditions such as ore heterogeneity and cost structure, there are also specific characteristics of the technology itself, and existing project experience, to benefit from.

In sensor-based ore sorting project development, the critical success factor is identification of a reliable sampling and test work strategy. With experience in project development from first concepts and scoping, to definitive feasibility and implementation assessment, SIX-S offers consulting to create realiable data for informed and defensible investment decisions.

Specific services for project managers include:

  • Due diligence
  • Economic assessment
  • Ore characterisation
  • Guaranteed representativity in sampling and analysis
  • Test work design and execution
  • Pilot testing
  • Risk analysis
  • Flow-sheet design
  • Equipment seletion