Identify and execute

Investment opportunity development

Application of sensors along the mining value chain and the application of sensor-based ore sorting can significantly increase the value of mining assets. If you are an investor looking for investment opportunities in the mining sector, SIX-S can identify investment opportunities unlocked by mining system design including sensor-based ore sorting.

With our extensive experience in financial scenario planning and system optimisation, including sensor-based ore sorting technologies, we identify investment opportunities for assets in your portfolio or for projects you wish to invest in. The introduction of ore sorting is a turning point in the mining value chain. You want when one wishes to know whether the business opportunities that the technology offers can be realised in production while minimising risk.

As sensor-based ore sorting technology offers the economic value for marginal ores and cost-sensitive projects, it has become a known leverage for marginal projects to increase their market value With SIX’S’ experience and background in financial project evaluation, validation of sampling and test data and implementation of sorting projects, you have found the right partner.